Student Reviews

The guitar lessons from Damian are superb. He is by far the best instructor I have ever had. Great studio, and I am looking forward to becoming more involved with all that happens at the Academy!
Damian is a great instructor for beginners or advanced musicians. He makes it easy to learn with his teaching method. He has passion for what he is doing and makes it easy to want to return each week. He has taught me a lot in my first two months of lessons. If you are a beginner or someone with many years of playing the guitar and want to improve, call him you will be glad you did.
I have been taking lessons with Damian for about 6 months now. I'm amazed at how fast I am learning how to play guitar. Where were you 30 years ago?!?!?! I feel that instead of just learning rote material, I am learning how to put that into the context of songs. He's been very encouraging the whole way and advancing when he can tell I've already figured it out and slowing it down when I need more time. THIS IS THE WAY TO LEARN MUSIC!!!!
Really nice people. Only had one lesson so far but would certainly recommend them!
Great teacher. Our son was very nervous (nearly in tears) and the teacher (Don) was able to get our son calmed down and he very quickly was excited about his vocal...
Professional and friendly staff. I never thought I would be this far along after a month and a half of guitar lessons. I'm glad I was referred to the elite academy over other places of instruction.
So glad I found this place to learn guitar. Have had lessons for a little over a year and very happy with my progression.
I've taken guitar lesson from the elite academy of music and motion for almost a year now. Ive grown so much in that year, from my education to my ability but most of all my confidence. They are staffed with some of the nicest, most friendly people I know and there education and teaching ability is outstanding. Highly recommended, any age any ability.
My son has taken piano classes for about a year. He likes going to the class and he is doing very well. I am very pleased with the academy and its teacher.
The tutors are of the very highest standard. I am learning the guitar, Damian is the best tutor I've had by far. The environment is very peaceful and welcoming. It's a very friendly place to learn. You get nothing but encouragement all the time from all the tutors here, no matter what you are learning. It's a pleasure to go to!
You couldn't ask for a more dedicated, professional music teacher than Damian Bonazzoli!
I am enjoying my experience at Elite Academy with both the Yoga and Kung Fu. Instructors are well versed in the field and classes are a joy. I recommend to anyone who is interested.
My 16 year old daughter has been studying bass guitar with Damian Bonazolli for the past year or so. He's been an excellent teacher. He has weekly lessons prepared on a sheet specifically for her, takes her aspirations and knowledge into account,, and also provides theory lessons so that she can understand why she's playing specific notes and rhythms. My daughter plays several other instruments and has taken private clarinet, bass guitar, harp, and piano lessons through the years, and Mr. Bonazolli has been one of her best teachers so far. Very professional and a great musician's musician.
I need to bring it to the attention of those who are looking to brighten their performance in their love and talent for playing the guitar or looking to learn to play the guitar. My name is Wandalynn and I have been with Daytona Guitar which is now the Elite Academy of Music and Motion for about 2 years. Prior to Elite Academy of Music and Motion I was with Take Lessons for about 2 years. The instructor was a pleasant man and very knowledgeable in music and teachings of a guitar. But after 2 years I felt that I have really not obtain the achievement of where I wanted to be in playing the guitar. I was given information about a man named Damian who teaches guitar so I gave Damian a call and till this day I do not regret it! Just in about 2 to 4 months I was playing music! With his professionalism, wisdom and his fun personality, he has brought me to each goal that we have set, more like he has set for me. It is AMAZING how it only took me that short of a time vs 2 years! I am still with Damian who is a part of Daytona Guitar which is now Elite Academy of Music and Motion because HE continues to help me brighten my talent for playing the guitar. I will be with Damian until I get the confidence that I can perform in front of my family and church and wherever God leads me to play. If you have been looking to play the guitar or boost your guitar playing skills, please consider joining Elite Academy of Music and Motion.
You won't regret it!
New Smyrna Beach, Florida